Jenny B

"Shannon is absolutely incredible!! I saw her teaching a class and knew I wanted to train with her. My initial goal was to do a 6 mile mud run. It was 5 months out from our first training session. I was nervous what her response would be. I was in terrible shape and I wasn't sure it was even an attainable goal. Shannon looked right at me and said 5 months was more than enough time and she knew I could do it. She was the first person to make me believe I could be better. Shannon has played a major role in my fitness journey and has been there to support me in every avenue of my life over the past year. Shannon goes above and beyond what I ever expected of a trainer. She started by helping me make meal plans and taking my late night calls when all I wanted was ice cream and soda. When I stopped at 7 pushups, thinking it was all I had in me, she encouraged me to make it 10, and I did. I never knew how strong I was until Shannon showed me. When my son had surgery, Shannon planned a week's worth of meals to be delivered to my family. Shannon has an amazing heart. She always has a smile and an encouraging word, no matter what situation. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without the influence, guidance and support Shannon has provided me!!


Shannon Glass