Pete D.

"I would like to comment on the excellent Boot Camp provided by Shannon. Shannon's classes are beneficial to all who attend. Too bad more people can't or don;t. Her classes are interesting, she adapts to meet individual's needs. She is helpful, friendly, outgoing, likable, and definitely an asset to the YMCA".

Dale M.

"Shannon, We really appreciate how much effort you put into the BootCamp program. You are making all of us stronger - better people. Thank You for All you do."




"Shannon: I am not given to exaggeration but meeting and working out with you has been life-changing. These first 4 weeks so far exceeded my expectations and its all because of you. I'm leaving your "care" stronger physically, and emotionally. I've been hanging around gyms for years and you're so much better than any trainer I've worked with. There's no comparison. Thanks for everything. We'll see you around."

Jenny B

"Shannon is absolutely incredible!! I saw her teaching a class and knew I wanted to train with her. My initial goal was to do a 6 mile mud run. It was 5 months out from our first training session. I was nervous what her response would be. I was in terrible shape and I wasn't sure it was even an attainable goal. Shannon looked right at me and said 5 months was more than enough time and she knew I could do it. She was the first person to make me believe I could be better. Shannon has played a major role in my fitness journey and has been there to support me in every avenue of my life over the past year. Shannon goes above and beyond what I ever expected of a trainer. She started by helping me make meal plans and taking my late night calls when all I wanted was ice cream and soda. When I stopped at 7 pushups, thinking it was all I had in me, she encouraged me to make it 10, and I did. I never knew how strong I was until Shannon showed me. When my son had surgery, Shannon planned a week's worth of meals to be delivered to my family. Shannon has an amazing heart. She always has a smile and an encouraging word, no matter what situation. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without the influence, guidance and support Shannon has provided me!!